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Assets to consider when evaluating Inventory Services:

Keeping track of your lines, trunks, circuits, PBX’S and many more components of voice services are very important and easy to access, with the right tools.   However, with the convergence of IT products, you can see from the list of common sensitive assets that your company has much more than expected.  Our Inventory Services team can help!

  • Trunk lines – features, cost associated, and much more
  • Analog lines – lines used for fax, elevators, fire and security systems, etc.
  • Cable circuits – IP Addresses, pricing, featuresInventory Services
  • Internet and data circuits
  • Computers and laptops
  • Routers and networking equipment
  • Printers
  • Cameras, digital or analog, with company-sensitive photographs
  • Data – sales, customer information, employee information
  • Company smartphones/ PDAs
  • VoIP phones, IP PBX’s (digital version of phone exchange boxes), related servers
  • VoIP or regular phone call recordings and records
  • Email
  • Log of employees daily schedule and activities
  • Web pages, especially those that ask for customer details and those that are backed by web scripts that query a database
  • Web server computer
  • Security cameras
  • Employee access cards.
  • Access points (i.e., any scanners that control room entry)

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and you should at this point spend some time considering what other sensitive assets your company has. The more detail you use in listing your company’s assets (e.g., “25 Dell Laptops Model D420 Version 2006”, instead of “25 Computers”).

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