Telplus Communications

TelPlus CommunicationsTelPlus Communications, Inc. was founded in 1997 to provide customers with consistently high quality, timely services for your IT requirements. We provide you with managed IT solutions focused on ordering services, installation, testing, auditing and on going customer service. We are a leader in providing quality IT services through cyber security and project management. TelPlus is a privately owned company held by its employee stockholders with no major ownership associated with any open market or business partners. From our inception, we have understood the value and needs of a world-class service organization. Coupled with this understanding is our commitment to deliver communication solutions using the most talented people, best-in-breed processes and most up to date tools available in the market. We are a worldwide, full-service provider offering turnkey solutions including cyber-security, telephone companies, cable providers, wireless and data providers and international phone companies. For more information please call us at 866-TELPLUS  or CONTACT US HERE.