Telplus Communications

Project Management

Our Project Management team has a proven methodology to connect people, process and technology to help your enterprise realize the true benefits.  Our experience demonstrates that the answer is never a single product but rather the seamless integration of the newest technologies with your legacy infrastructure to help you make a transparent transition while experiencing the most value.  We take pride in the quality and timeliness of our work, providing both the necessary project management and job supervision to ensure that every project is a success.  Our expertise allows our customers to focus on your core competencies.  Our Certified Project Managers provide you with a variety of services including project progress meetings and resolution of issues.

The following services are available for the domestic and international needs of your organization:

  • Provisioning of new services
  • Implementing service upgrades
  • Manage all vendors and Telco`s to ensure successful completion of project
  • Communicate progress to customer in a timely manner
  • Provide accurate pricing from the best carriers in the industry
  • Execution of all necessary paperwork to commence service
  • Quarterly review of services
  • Audit invoices to ensure accuracy
  • Ongoing Customer Support

To receive a confidential and complementary Project Management audit, CLICK HERE  or call 866-TELPLUS.