Telplus Communications

Michael Frost-Founder and President
Michael Frost-TelPlus CEO TelPlus Executive TeamMichael’s experience in the telecommunications industry began in 1984 at MCI where he was a successful Account Manager.   He put these skills to use on his own when he founded TelPlus Communications in 1997.  Since then he has reinforced his marketing, sales and business leadership experience as President of TelPlus Communications. Michael continuously combines creative and analytical strengths to solve complex problems, building A-caliber teams, developing innovative campaigns, driving continuous improvement, and generating revenue growth.


Christina Smith-Chief Financial Officer
Christina Smith-Chief Financial Officer TelPlus Executive TeamChristina is an accomplished problem solver with excellent analytical capabilities. She began her career at TelPlus in 2010.  Her extensive accounting experience includes reporting, forecasting, budgeting and analysis. She has the proven ability to translate financial data into actionable information for front line operation personnel and is able to think creatively and execute quickly within fast-paced and changing business environments. Through the enhancement and implementation of best practices across the finance organization, Christina is responsible for accounting, reporting, internal audit and all back-office operations which includes payroll, AP, AR and commissions.


Myron Newman-Director of Strategic Alliances
Myron Newman-Director of Strategic Alliances TelPlus Executive TeamMyron directs input regarding the overall direction, strategy and leadership at TelPlus. Responsible for sales, marketing, and product development. Focused on defining, creating and delivering best-in-class offerings while delivering exceptional service and support to all of our customers. Our team maintains relationships with premier Industry providers and regularly enhances services to solve business concerns in all areas of telecommunications, including cyber security, IT, redundancy and disaster recovery.


Hershel Blalock-Director of Operations
As Director of Operations, Hershel is responsible for ensuring that cost effective operations and infrastructure are in place to support all TelPlus activities.  He ensures that the organization is well positioned in a rapidly evolving and competitive environment by being an advocate for ongoing change.  Hershel provides strategic leadership in operations, sales, marketing, technology, customer service and human resources.


Michael McCauley-Director of Professional Services 
Michael McCauley-Director of Professional Services  TelPlus Executive TeamMichael McCauley’s experience since joining TelPlus in 2003 ranges from pre and post sales, network design, technical field service, and wireless communications. As a certified PMP, he has numerous accomplishments in complex project management and implementation activities with complementary problem solving and planning skills. Michael has proven skills in assisting clients by identifying customer’s requirements, providing technical solutions and assisting in strategy sessions and presentations. His responsibilities also include managing projects within the commercial, enterprise, hospitality and professional services areas.


Stacy Walls-Director of Customer Loyalty
Stacy Walls-Director of Customer Loyalty TelPlus Executive TeamSince joining TelPlus in 2000, Stacy has demonstrated outstanding leadership by supervising all Project Managers and support representatives.  She and her team are charged with handling all aspects of the client relationship including placing orders with the Telco’s, monitoring the installation process, and overall project management.  As Director, it is her responsibility to evaluate, recommend and implement new technologies to both new and existing clients. With the understanding of what it takes to get the job done with little room for error, her tremendous amount of customer service knowledge is a valuable asset to our clients. Stacy’s ability to provide 24/7 technical support to TelPlus clients, illustrates her unending dedication to customer loyalty.


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