Telplus Communications

TelPlus Communications offers IT staffing and managed services experience with consistently high-quality and efficient solutions for IT and security projects. Our managed services are provided on a national and international level, thus enabling the company to accommodate the growing overlap of client requests and the continued convergence of the most up to date technology. With the integration of cyber-security services, TelPlus provides a complete Information Technology and Communications solution becoming a single-source provider for our clients.


Our experience has taught us that there is no one–size–fits–all solution for communications.  Typically, clients have limited IT resources and need maximum support and assistance in deploying new services.  To address these needs, TelPlus has developed a unique service delivery approach that focuses on these core disciplines.  Our engineers begin by assessing your business requirements and determining a cost effective solution.  They evaluate communication patterns and trends, identify waste, and outline the most efficient and powerful solutions for your business needs. Custom solutions are developed for each unique business goal to include bandwidth, security, support needs and bandwidth demand to ensure optimal performance.


Once a solution is agreed upon, our dedicated TelPlus Communications project managers take responsibility for the installation and implementation of all circuits and equipment. We provide a single point of contact for your IT staff from rollout and coordinate everything from equipment delivery to number porting. After everything is in place, they work with your IT staff to conduct complete post-implementation support.


TelPlus Communications provides your IT staff with the visibility and control that you require, ensuring every aspect of the solution is aligned to your business needs.We are dedicated to helping you meet your business objectives by providing first-class support. Customer service is always our top priority and we believe that every client should be able to call us and talk to a knowledgeable TelPlus team member.

For more information please call us at 866-TELPLUS  or CONTACT US HERE.