Telplus Communications

Backup and Disaster Recovery

TelPlus Communications is a specialist in backup and disaster recovery.  We’re here to ensure your business doesn’t become another statistic. Our business continuity solution is about more than just backup – it’s designed to quickly revive your network following any unplanned downtime and ensure your clients and employees have access to the data, systems and services they need to function.

When a disaster occurs in your office or data center fails and all your computers crash, how quickly can you recover? More importantly, how will it impact your business? Recent statistics show that companies that experience a disaster are prone to go out of business within 5 years – even if they can recover in the short term.


TelPlus offers a fully managed backup and disaster recovery platform complete with:

  • Robust and continuous data protectionBackup and Disaster Recovery
  • Secure and reliable data storage replication
  • A range of cloud, local and hybrid backup options

What does this mean? It provides you with a peace-of-mind knowing that your critical data, emails, reports, and other information are protected, backed up and available when you need them.

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