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Cable Services
Everyone wants to save money.  More and more people are finding that switching from traditional Carrier Internet services to Coax Cable services is a great way to get more for less.   Now you can you get fast Internet speeds, reliable phone service, and digital TV for less.

Cable Business Class (Coax) provides the advantage of enterprise-class technology and communications that are highly reliable, flexible and priced right (i.e. 100M/20M Internet for around $100 per Month).

If you have multiple offices throughout the USA, let TelPlus be your one point of contact to order services for all of your locations.  The benefit is that you will receive one bill instead of multiple bills from multiple providers.  Check out our Bill Consolidation services and video outlining this capability.  You will be glad you contacted TelPlus!

Broadband Products
TelPlus broadband for business integrates trusted data from multiple sources so that you can make the best possible campaign decisions. You can analyze DSL, Cable or other broadband options, all from one central location versus researching separate services or going to several websites for the same information.

Our intelligent online engine and marketing solutions platform provides an unparalleled system of platforms and networks to facilitate comparison, ordering, and provisioning of products and services.

Broadband Cable:
cable servicesBroadband Cable Internet service uses the same coax cable as cable TV service and shares Internet bandwidth amongst all the other Cable Internet service subscribers on your street. However, cable Internet service is much more readily available in most areas compared to broadband DSL Internet service. Just like broadband DSL, Cable Internet service transmits its data as a digital signal.

Broadband DSL: Broadband DSL Internet service transmits digital data over your existing analog telephone lines, so no special wiring is needed. Because DSL Internet service doesn’t share bandwidth like broadband Cable Internet service, theoretically, and as a result, data transmission is much more consistent, however, the quality of your telephone lines will also dictate broadband DSL availability and performance.

cable servicesBroadband Satellite: Broadband satellite Internet service is generally the most expensive form of broadband Internet service available. Moreover, satellite Internet functionality is weather dependant, so subscribers will oftentimes experience outages due to heavy rain or snow. All satellite Internet services have a high degree of latency (delay), making broadband satellite Internet a bad choice for applications requiring real-time user input such as online multiplayer games. However, unlike the cable and DSL broadband Internet services, satellite Internet service is available most anywhere in the U.S.

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