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TelPlus Cybergate Offers Free IT Risk Assessment

In 2016, more than 79% of businesses suffered from at least one cybersecurity threat. With the increasing severity of these attacks, numerous government regulations have been created to protect an organization’s and an individual’s data. Fines for not adhering to these regulations have increased substantially and 80% of consumers have reported their hesitancy to do business with companies that have been hacked.

Most companies practice what is called “Break and Fix”.  They fix it after you have been hacked instead of making sure that you are well defended from hacks at all times.   TelPlus Cybergate takes a PROACTIVE approach to cybersecurity.  We know that it is not IF but WHEN you may receive a cybersecurity threat.  We practice Proactive Monitoring and Management of your system to make sure you are up to date at all times.

Let us assess your level of security risk.  We are now offering a Free IT Risk Assessment to small and medium sized businesses*.

View our video here to see how we can can help protect and defend your network from cybersecurity attacks:

TelPlus Cybergate offers PROACTIVE Monitoring and Management, Backup & Disaster Recovery, IT Security Services and Monthly & Quarterly Detailed Reports and Planning.

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President and founder of TelPlus Communications, Mike Frost, wins Lifetime Achievement Award from Nobis Works!

Congratulations to our very own Michael Frost for being awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from Nobis Works! Mike has dedicated over 34 years to Nobis Works through his involvement with helping, mentoring and hiring individuals with disabilities. We are very proud of him!

Please see his tribute video below:

Mike Fost has not only been a client of Nobis Works but has gone on to found his own company and hire clients from Nobis Works. Mike has a servant’s heart and began his career working at a facility for the mentally challenged in the 1970’s. In the 1980’s, Mike suffered a spinal cord injury that left him a complete C5-6 quadriplegic. After undergoing extensive rehab at The Shepherd Center, Mike attended Nobis Works and became job ready. Mike was soon hired by MCI Phone Company and had a successful career with them for 15 years. After many years of learning the telecommunications business, Mike founded TelPlus Communications.

Mike continued giving back to others as a Peer Supporter for The Shepherd Center, past President of the Woodstock Jaycees, Volunteer leader at Camp Dream in Warm Springs, Georgia and former Chairman of the Board for Nobis Works.

Mike is a shining example of showing perseverance and being a role model to others. As fellow Galaxy award winner and TelPlus Communications employee, Stephanie Francis says, “Mike makes you feel like you are somebody. He makes you a part of the family.” Congratulations Mike!

If you are interested in learning more about Nobis Works, please view the video below.

TelPlus Communications gives back to the community by holding Senior’s event.

TelPlus Community Outreach

Woodstock, Ga.-TelPlus Communications held an event for seniors at St. Michel the Archangel Catholic Church in Woodstock, Ga this week.  They volunteered by preparing and serving food and drinks for 150+ seniors from the local Woodstock area.   In addition, there were door prizes, multiple games of BINGO played and lots of faith and fellowship throughout the day.  Founder and President  Mike Frost said, “It’s sorta our day of giving back to our community.  Our employees worked very hard to make it happen.”   TelPlus is proud to hold these types of events and to be a part of the Woodstock, GA community.  

Know your Cybersecurity risks!

Recently, I stayed at a bed-and–breakfast, which was rich in heritage, warm in hospitality and managed by some outstanding individuals.  Upon my arrival, I checked into my room, became acquainted with the surroundings and decided to break out the old iPad and dive into my emails.

Once I obtained the guest password to access the guest Wi-Fi, I successfully logged in and began to work.  After a few minutes, my curiosity peaked and I felt the urge to test the Wi-Fi security levels.  Typically, I have my Kali Linux (ethical hacking tool) machine with me; however, I only had my iPad on that trip.

With a little guess work, I was able to log directly into the administrator portal.  If I had had bad intentions, I could have wreaked havoc on their network, infected other users and much more.  I immediately closed out of the portal, called the manager to bring his laptop down and showed him how I was able to access their network.  We discussed the unthinkable things that could occur if that information got into the hands of someone who wasn’t ethical.  Ultimately, I helped him secure the guest Wi-Fi and the B&B’s separate network.

Many consumers do not understand the difference between password and passphrase.  When you purchase a router from the store and begin to set it up, you are given the factory default credentials.  Anyone with access to the internet can find out what the default username and password is by the name of the router manufacture. Example: if you have a D-Link router, chances are very good that the username is “admin” and the password is “password”.  Most people do not think to change this password, thinking that the internal passphrase will suffice.

I would encourage folks to go into their Wi-Fi network and check to see if their admin portal is secure.  One way to find out is open your browser and type in your routers IP address – for many it would be .  From there you will be asked to verify your credentials.

Mike Frost

Mike Frost is a consultant at TelPlus CyberGate, a cybersecurity firm based in Woodstock Georgia. To contact him, email at


Specialist in Wireless-Mobility networks

wireless-mobilityYour primary network connection drives your business operations, allowing you to effectively engage with customers, employees, vendors and more. When this connection fails, the impact extends beyond monetary losses, and can have lasting effects on your customer satisfaction, employee morale, brand image and more. We provide wireless-mobility primary broadband connectivity that replaces slow and expensive T-1, DSL and other hardwired services, providing a reliable wireless connection built to support your mission-critical applications.

Our proven expertise in data transmission and proactive network management combine to deliver a robust SLA without the hassle of a wired installation. TelPlus will help you create a custom, reliable and highly secure link between remote employees and your network—so they can work and collaborate seamlessly between locations and devices.

For more information please call us at 866-TELPLUS or CONTACT US HERE.