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TelPlus Cybergate Offers Free IT Risk Assessment

In 2016, more than 79% of businesses suffered from at least one cybersecurity threat. With the increasing severity of these attacks, numerous government regulations have been created to protect an organization’s and an individual’s data. Fines for not adhering to these regulations have increased substantially and 80% of consumers have reported their hesitancy to do business […]

TelPlus Communications gives back to the community by holding Senior’s event.

Woodstock, Ga.-TelPlus Communications held an event for seniors at St. Michel the Archangel Catholic Church in Woodstock, Ga this week.  They volunteered by preparing and serving food and drinks for 150+ seniors from the local Woodstock area.   In addition, there were door prizes, multiple games of BINGO played and lots of faith and fellowship throughout the […]

Know your Cybersecurity risks!

Recently, I stayed at a bed-and–breakfast, which was rich in heritage, warm in hospitality and managed by some outstanding individuals.  Upon my arrival, I checked into my room, became acquainted with the surroundings and decided to break out the old iPad and dive into my emails. Once I obtained the guest password to access the […]


Specialist in Wireless-Mobility networks Your primary network connection drives your business operations, allowing you to effectively engage with customers, employees, vendors and more. When this connection fails, the impact extends beyond monetary losses, and can have lasting effects on your customer satisfaction, employee morale, brand image and more. We provide wireless-mobility primary broadband connectivity that […]