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IT Audits

Most businesses do not conduct IT audits, leaving them vulnerable to security breaches and privacy violations as well as regulatory compliance and social media risk. Organizations may be worried that they lack the necessary resources and skills to address specific areas of their IT audit plans sufficiently, but they are doing little to change their concern into action. Good IT audits are an external validation that your company is performing essential functions in a proper manner. There is no substitute for an external penetration test, as even the best IT people can often overlook their own mistakes.

TelPlus works with clients from small businesses, hotels, enterprise companies and international clients through the process of collecting and evaluating the client’s information systems, practices and operations. In addition, there are always cost savings associated with analyzing your IT spend through auditing phone bills, identifying lines you may not need and so much more.

One reason companies don’t conduct IT audits is because they require time and resources.  While tedious in nature, they often identify opportunities for improvement.  This is an area where what you don’t know can hurt you; knowledge is the key, and the governance process is the best place to maintain this knowledge and use it to the benefit of the company.

There can be huge consequences to not doing an IT audit.  The cost of fines and litigation usually dwarf the cost savings obtained from avoiding implementing compliance in the first place.  Losses in reputation, brand and business revenue can be incalculable if your company suffers a major data breach.

Every year, technologies are changing and new ones are being introduced.  The new trend of ‘bring your own device’ is just one example of a new challenge in end-user computing.  Personal devices used for business need to be monitored. The rapid pace of technology change makes IT audits a critical component of risk management and corporate oversight in today’s business environment.  Small measures of prevention have the ability to identify and alleviate potentially devastating consequences.

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