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In 2016, more than 79% of businesses suffered from at least one cybersecurity threat. With the increasing severity of these attacks, numerous government regulations have been created to protect an organization’s and an individual’s data. Fines for not adhering to these regulations have increased substantially and 80% of consumers have reported their hesitancy to do business with companies that have been hacked.

Most companies practice what is called “Break and Fix”.  They fix it after you have been hacked instead of making sure that you are well defended from hacks at all times.   TelPlus Cybergate takes a PROACTIVE approach to cybersecurity.  We know that it is not IF but WHEN you may receive a cybersecurity threat.  We practice Proactive Monitoring and Management of your system to make sure you are up to date at all times.

Let us assess your level of security risk.  We are now offering a Free IT Risk Assessment to small and medium sized businesses*.

View our video here to see how we can can help protect and defend your network from cybersecurity attacks:

TelPlus Cybergate offers PROACTIVE Monitoring and Management, Backup & Disaster Recovery, IT Security Services and Monthly & Quarterly Detailed Reports and Planning.

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